caveDr Ben Mullings is a Counselling Psychologist who provides psychological care to individuals, couples, and families. The sensitivity and understanding he brings to therapy balances the need for empathy, trust, and emotional safety, alongside the most up to date knowledge from research about helping people change their lives.  His consulting room is presently located in Booragoon, servicing all nearby surrounding areas. Ben
 has extensive background experience in applying psychotherapy across a diverse range of contexts, including work with veterans, people in the department of justice, couples in crisis, and home-visit services for teenagers. He has provided psychotherapy to people right across the globe, using the Internet to expand services to people in difficult to reach areas. In the academic setting Ben has also worked as a lecturer and presenter on the topic of ethics, the use of technology and the Internet in psychotherapy, and the complexities of professional practice.


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with first class Honours
  • Master of Psychology (Counselling Psychology)
  • PhD (Psychology)


Psychotherapy with Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups

Ben has a decade of experience with counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. He has worked as a couple and family therapist for Relationships Australia and co-authored a section in the text Couple Therapy about research evidence supporting couple therapy approaches. He has delivered individual psychotherapy across all age groups in private practice and a number of agencies including the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service. In 2013 he worked as a group therapy co-facilitator for Fremantle Medicare Locals with the ATAPS program. Since 2007 Ben has spent the majority of his time in private psychological consulting at Brockman House (2007-2008), the Health@520 complex (2009-2013), at ‘Applecross Clinic’ (2013-2017), and now at Likeminds Clinic.

Working with Young People

Ben began his journey as a psychotherapist at Mission Australia, where he ran the Wilderness Adventure Program for ‘Yirra’, providing group therapy and counselling to young people with complex problems in the justice system. In 2001 he designed and coordinated a ‘Night Services’ activity program for the Lynwood Youth and Family Centre funded by Safer WA. In 2002 he developed the Intensive Youth Support Service for Centrecare, which provides home-visit counselling services for young people who would otherwise not access psychological support in a clinical context.  In more recent years Ben has continued his work with young people with complex mental health problems in the educational setting, providing psychological support for the Specialist Psychological Outreach Team (SPOT). In private practice he sees young people from the age of 13 years and up.

Mental Health Advocacy

AllianceAcross the last decade Ben has been actively engaged in campaigning for mental health policy reform to expand public access to psychological care. He calls for increased support for psychological care over radio, the newspapers, and publications within the profession. Between 2008 and 2011 Dr Ben Mullings ran a professional discussion forum for psychologists to reflect about critical issues within the profession. For 3 years the ‘Conscience’ forum published over 100 articles as discussion points which were read thousands of times by practitioners across Australia.

Ben is presently the chief spokesman for the Alliance for Better Access which is calling for better access to psychological care in the Medicare system. The group is primarily comprised of mental health consumers and concerned members of the general public, however, it is joined by all of the mental health professions including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, general practitioners, occupational therapists and mental health nurses.  A petition run by the Alliance for Better Access at Change.org had over 15,000 supporters and was lodged in the federal senate.

Alongside his work with the Alliance for Better Access Dr Ben Mullings has worked tirelessly to expand public recognition of Counselling Psychology in Australia through his work with the Association of Counselling Psychologists (ACP). Over the last decade he has served on the ACP Executive Committee as Student Representative (2003), Secretary (2004-2006), and Chair (2009-2013) and the Chair of the Promotion and Advocacy Subcommittee (2014). In his role as mental health care advocate, Dr Ben Mullings has met with state and federal politicians, presented at a senate inquiry in Canberra, and has written countless submissions to Government. He has assisted local community members in their efforts to establish the world’s first political party dedicated to mental health. As of late March 2016 the Australian Mental Health Party officially launched aiming to run candidates at future elections to come.

Lecturing and Academia

AJCPBetween 2003 and 2006, Dr Ben Mullings worked as a research assistant for Curtin University, conducting reviews of the empirical support for psychoanalytic therapy, couples therapy, and compiling summaries of research about evidence-based practice. His written work has been published in core textbooks, in journals, and continues to be used in the training of post-graduate students in Counselling Psychology. In 2009 he worked as an academic for Curtin University of Technology teaching ethics and preparing trainee Counselling Psychologists for the complexities of professional practice in the field. Dr Ben Mullings continues to provide special guest lectures on the subject of harnessing technology in psychotherapy practice. In mid-2012 he completed PhD research exploring the effectiveness of psychological services over the Internet. Currently Ben lectures at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle on the topic of counselling and psychotherapy.