A game of Chinese whispers

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nonewfundingThe Australian Government held a party inviting the most prominent media personalities in mental health care.

Now it was time for a game of Chinese Whispers.

The Minister for Health leaned over to the closest of her appointed ‘experts’ and whispered softly in his ear, “No new funding, pass it on.”

Each player had their turn, changing the message ever so slightly to say what they wanted to hear. Around the party went the changing message, in a circularity of reasoning which eventually came back to the Minister.

In her ear came the expert’s whisper, “No new funding, and redirect $350 million to support our projects, pass it on.”

The Minister held a press conference sharing what the experts had told her. Oh how the media and big lobby groups cheered!

In the background somebody called out for help.

Nobody heard them over all the clapping.