People Against the Cuts (Clips)

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Clips From People Against the Cuts to Services

Since making this website, we have heard from thousands of Australians about their view on the cuts to psychological services. The people we have heard from have almost universally been opposed to cutting the Better Access program, but understandably, most people have expressed their support for our campaign against the cuts in ways that maintain their privacy, such as signing our online petition. There have been a rare few who have had the courage to share their personal stories in a written form, and fewer still who have been open enough to share their experiences in their own voice or image.

When views or stories have been expressed openly through video and audio clips, it has allowed those who are unfamiliar with mental health issues to feel a palpable connection to the real people who have boldly stepped forward. Below you will find a small collection of clips where people have had something to say about the cuts to psychological services in the Better Access program.


Channel 7 news: Alison Fairleigh speaks on behalf of the Alliance



Alison Fairleigh ~ a rural mental health advocate



Sonia Neale (consumer) and Ben Mullings (psychologist):
720 ABC Radio Perth



Personal Stories of Women Affected by the Cuts:
‘Women on the Line’ 3CR radio (latter half of clip)



Chris Ludlow (psychologist) on the Q&A Program